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What is Heat-Free Printing?

Heat-Free Printing Technology uses no heat in the printing process. With no warm-up time, printing starts immediately, making it up to 50% faster from ready compared to laser printers.

How does Heat-Free printing work?

Heat-free printing uses a simple ink ejection process to print out on a page. Unlike a laser print device, this requires no heating up of fuser units to fuse toner onto the page. A laser device has to preheat the fuser before it can begin printing, and again uses heat to fuse the toner to the paper.

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What is PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology?

PrecisionCore Heat-Free Printing Technology, developed by Epson, has been developed to deliver high-performance, affordable printing that uses a simple process to reduce downtime and intervention.

What is Micro Piezo Technology?

Having made its global debut in 1993, Micro Piezo technology has not only been at the forefront of Epson inkjet printhead advancement, but has laid down the gauntlet to all the other big names in the print industry. Unique to Epson, Micro Piezo provides superb print quality and is a technology that competitors still find hard to match. Find out more.

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What are the benefits of Heat-Free Printing Technology?

Enjoy clear and accurate prints

Micro Piezo technology utilises piezo crystals that pulse when electrical signals are sent to them by the printer. It produces incredibly consistent droplets, both in shape and size, to deliver clear and sharp prints. Thermal printers use a heating element to boil the ink, creating an air bubble which ejects the ink through the nozzle. The resulting prints can be less accurate.

Get high-quality prints quickly

Ink droplets are propelled through each nozzle at 40,000 times per second to deliver documents at high speeds. It’s incredibly precise however so you can rely on it for clear and sharp prints, without sacrificing on quality.

Achieve sophisticated images

Each nozzle can produce up to five different size droplets. It’s like using different size brushes to paint a canvas. Larger dots are used to increase speed for solid colour areas, whereas smaller drops can recreate stunning detail. With this technology, it can faithfully reproduce the subtle shifts between dark and light colours, blending them smoothly and naturally.

Quality not quantity

Don't be fooled into thinking that more nozzles equals a better printer. Thermal printers use nozzles with a set size, so they have to use more nozzles to attempt to offer the same level of quality that Micro Piezo printheads offer.

Long-lasting printer with less maintenance

Unlike thermal printers, the Micro Piezo permanent printhead doesn’t degrade. You won’t have to worry about budgeting for a replacement printhead or have the inconvenience of fitting one.

The best ink for your application

Because heat is not used in the printhead, it means that Heat-Free printers can take advantage of a much wider selection of inks including heat-sensitive liquids. Not all printers are as fortunate; thermal printheads are restricted to only certain types of ink because they use heat.

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